quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

61 - A melhor profissão para uma mulher

Seguindo link abaixo poderemos encontrar uma listagem de profissões Top e Down para mulheres!

Imagine qual a que aparece um primeiro lugar nas apetecíveis?

Our lady friends at Lemondrop recently filled us in on the best and worst professions for getting women, the big takeaway of which seems to be that chicks like free pizza. Fair enough, but we asked our editors and contributors the same question about women. What are the best professions to date, and what are the absolute worst to have a relationship with? Below, their answers as to what jobs make girls desirable/undateable.

She'll be pretty smart about lots of random things, great at Googling and a good connection for free books. Bonus: say goodbye to those nasty overdue charges. Plus, everyone knows librarians are sexual dynamos waiting to explode. Right?

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