terça-feira, 26 de julho de 2011

206 - Estas são as questões centrais no ensino de hoje...

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Estas são mesmo questões paradigmáticas que podem ajudar a pensar o papel da Biblioteca nos dias de hoje

I have some questions to ask you…
Do you ask questions to check for recall of information?
Or to help students clarify their thinking and construct meaning for themselves?
Do you play ‘guess what’s in my head’?
Or do you encourage learners to keep digging deeper?
Do you stop asking once you  get the answer you were  looking for?
Or do you ask questions you don’t already know the answer to?
Do you think answers are more important than questions?
Or are you excited when questions lead to even more questions?


Do you hear the answers and move on to the next question?
Or do you listen really carefully so the responses can guide where to go next?
Do you praise students who give great answers?
Or do you push students further by asking them to explain, elaborate and justify?
Do you rephrase the question if you no one responds?
Or do you give learners time to think, discuss and make connections?
Is every question and answer directed through you?
Or do students respond directly to each others questions?