sábado, 22 de junho de 2013

362 - O que pode encontrar numa biblioteca no ano de 2013

School libraries are transforming into 21st century learning commons

School libraries are transforming into 21st century learning
With the digital revolution, information access, use, and communication have changed along with the definition of literacy. Accessing and collecting information is easier, but effectively using it has never been more difficult. And more than ever students and staff need collaborative, flexible and creative spaces that provide expert instruction and technology and literacy support. The school library, or learning commons, continues to be an integral part of the academic and cultural life of a school but the way it is being used is changing—it is an exciting, engaging place to be!
Here are some of the things you may encounter when you visit a school library today:
  • A teacher-librarian is using a document camera to display 3-D ocean objects to a Science class.
  • The teacher-librarian and classroom teacher are co-teaching digital citizenship skills using the district subscribed program Passport to the Internet on a large SMARTboard.
  • Students are collaborating on a group research project, searching for information through developmentally appropriate databases, websites, blogs, streaming video and print resources.
  • Students are interviewing experts, recording local historical stories using digital cameras.
  • Students are blogging with a class from another province, learning about the place geography and history.
  • Students are developing criteria as they watch new exciting book trailers. They will start to write and produce their own.
  • The teacher-librarian is helping students publish a collaborative digital storybook they wrote in class.
  • Students are learning presentation skills, and the various ways we can present information in the digital age.
  • The teacher-librarian set up a virtual field trip to the Royal Tyrrel Museum for the Grade 3 students who are studying dinosaurs.
  • Students are researching and designing virtual travel "Glogs."
  • Art students are show casing their art work in a Gallery Walk, showing digital, print and 3-D art forms
  • Students are learning about new copyright laws and the importance of using information in an ethically responsible way.
  • Intermediate students and staff are acting as readers’ advisors to primary students, helping them find just-right-fit books
  • A teacher-librarian is inspiring Middle School readers by book-talking new graphic novels to the English classes.
  • Students are using the library pathfinder to find relevant information for a research project.
  • Teachers are collaboratively building wikis to support In-service planning.
  • Students are preparing for their tour of the TRU Learning Commons.
  • Students are browsing cool new books at the library bookfair.
  • Kindergarten parents and students are being welcomed in a Kindergarten orientation.
  • Students are playing board games at lunchtime.
  • The public library staff are presenting information about the summer reading program.
  • Students are meeting in their Battle of the Books teams, discussing books and preparing for the competitions.
  • Students are participating in the annual Drop Everything and Read Event, using a variety of texts, digital and print!
  • Staff and students are collecting books for the annual Heap the Honda Book Drive.
  • High school students are performing readers theatre plays to intermediate students…
These are just some of the activities that happened in SD73 school libraries this year. Check out your school library to see what’s happening today!