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478 - Como é vista um biblioteca escolar portuguesa por uma inglesa

Há cerca de dois anos tive o grato prazer de ser o organizador local do curso Europeu Slamit, sobre Bibliotecas Escolares e que se realizou no Porto. Uma das atividades desse curso que também organizai foi uma manhã de visitas a Bibliotecas Escolares da grande cidade (uma de cada Ciclo). Por sorte participei na visita da qual se vai centrar este post. 

Um destes dias, ao navegar na Internet, descobri  acidentalmente o relatório da visita à Biblioteca Escolar da EB1 feita por uma das participantes do Curso Europeu, Becky Scot, de Inglaterra.  O seu relato é muitíssimo interessante, ora leia...

SLAMIT 6: School Libraries as Learning Centres

Part One

Last week I  participated in the School Libraries as Learning Centres course in Porto, Portugal. This wonderful opportunity was funded by the British Council as part of its in-service training programme - Comenius.

The week was rich in both academic and cultural education. I was one of two British participants on the course and we both learnt much from our European partners. Other participants in attendance were from Denmark, Croatia, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Romania and of course Portugal. 

It was interesting to discover that in Portugal school libraries are statutory. Which does not mean to say that every school has a library, but every school has access to one. For example, a small primary school may share the library of a large secondary school. In Denmark school librarians must be qualified as both librarians and teachers. I know many school librarians in the UK would love to be qualified teachers too.

One of the most valuable experiences of the week was a visit to a local Portuguese Primary school. We toured the school and my first impression was of how much space they had in the corridors. This is so different from my experience at school. It was so light, airy and spacious.

I was also rather taken with their Dining Hall. I like the splash of colour in the chairs.

We saw pupils in their lessons. The school was very quiet as pupils were focused and working hard. It had lovely atmosphere and pupils were keen to find out where we had travelled from to be there.

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